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    The world is plagued by inequality. We are taught whites are better than non-whites. We are taught men are better than women. We are taught heterosexuals are better than queers. However, the biggest inequality in our world is the inequality between the First World and the Third World, the inequality between the global rich and the global poor. First World consumption is consigning the majority of the world to incredible poverty and it is leading us toward ecological collapse. There is a holocaust everyday against the poor peoples of the Third World. There is no reason anyone should live in poverty. We need a world of equality and justice. Global Equality is here to help. We seek to raise awareness about the realities of global poverty. We seek to find “do it yourself” solutions to help those in poverty lift themselves up. We seek nothing less than a whole new world based on global equality. If we do not change our ways, then we will leave nothing for our children. The problem is inequality. The solution is global equality. Please join us in making a better world. Another world, an egalitarian world, an altruist world, is possible.

25 primate species reported on brink of extinction

  25 primate species reported on brink of extinction By NIRMALA GEORGE (AP) NEW DELHI — Twenty-five species of monkeys, langurs, lemurs and gorillas are on the brink of extinction and need global action to protect them from increasing deforestation and illegal trafficking, researchers said Monday. Six of the severely threatened species live in the … Read more

For Mass. lab chemist, an unlikely road to scandal

Reposted from New Power: [It is a myth that justice is blind under capitalism. Bias, people’s assumptions about society, the state, race, class, gender, etc. — skew the process all the time. Even areas considered “hard science” are not immune. First Worldism, White supremacy, classism, racism, sexism, national chauvinism, patriarchy, age-ism, etc. all enter into … Read more


Cardboard bicycle can change the world, says Israeli inventor By Ori Lewis and Lianne Gross

  Cardboard bicycle can change the world, says Israeli inventor By Ori Lewis and Lianne Gross (Reuters) MOSHAV AHITUV, Israel – A bicycle made almost entirely of cardboard has the potential to change transportation habits from the world’s most congested cities to the poorest reaches of Africa, its Israeli inventor says. Izhar Gafni, 50, is … Read more

Stand up!

Stand up! ( Across the world people are standing up and saying no more to all the injustice that inequality has wrought on our world. Protesters are taking to the streets from Bangladesh to Libya. They are expressing anger about real world problems. They are not simply wild-eyed fanatics as the racist media would lead … Read more

Iran slams UN for ‘overt dictatorship’

Iran slams UN for ‘overt dictatorship’ (RT) Iran’s supreme leader opened the fifth day of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Tehran by blasting the UN as an “overt dictatorship.” The remarks were made in the presence of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. NAM’s tri-annual gathering is attended by leaders of 120 developing nations – including … Read more


Colorado Supreme Court: CU Regents Are Above the Law

Colorado Supreme Court: CU Regents Are Above the Law (wcn) Sept. 10, 2012 The Colorado Supreme Court has affirmed the lower courts’ decisions in Ward Churchill’s lawsuit against the University of Colorado.  Click here to read its opinion. Churchill’s attorney David Lane plans to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.   According to Lane, “The court never said his First … Read more


Climate landmark as Arctic ice melts to record low

Climate landmark as Arctic ice melts to record low (AFP) The sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has melted to its smallest point ever in a milestone that may show that worst-case forecasts on climate change are coming true, US scientists said. The extent of ice observed on Sunday broke a record set in 2007 and will … Read more


Promote Prisoner Day of Solidarity – September 9, 2012

Promote Prisoner Day of Solidarity – September 9, 2012   Supporters on the outside can use these two-sided, quarter sheet fliers to let the people know about the Day of Solidarity being organized across U.S. prisons for September 9, 2012. Just click the image above to download the PDF, print them out, cut them up … Read more


Townsfolks sickened after Peru toxic spill

[The poor peoples of the world pay for the global capitalist system. The poor peoples of the Third World suffer. The Earth suffers. Equality and sustainability are the answer. -- Global Equality] Townsfolks sickened after Peru toxic spill (AP) SANTA ROSA DE CAJACAY, Peru (AP) — It began with a loud pop like a tire … Read more

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